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EBA Services Monitor

EBA Services Monitor allows us to turn on, turn off and monitor the status of services. We can also access the Control Centre through it.

First, install the desktop shortcut for the program:

Use the “Create Shortcut” command and enter the path C:\Program Files\EBAAutomation_\bin\ebaautsystray.exe.
Check the sub to the installed service folder and the name of the service and enter them accordingly.

Example of a shortcut command:

"C:\Program Files\EBAAutomation_test\bin\ebaautsystray.exe"

Run the shortcut you have just created as adminstrator (Run as Admin).

An icon will appear in the system tray on the bottom right, right-click on it to bring up the menu shown in the left picture.

The green and red traffic lights show the status of the services – whether they are running or not

Explanation of settings:

Start selected – the program starts all services that are selected with the “Start on Start selected” option -Stop
all – the program stops all services at once.
Control Center – shortcut to EBA Services Control CenterRun
at startup – the program starts automatically when Windows starts.

You can start, stop, restart and set a service to start on “Start selected” by moving the mouse over the desired service to display the submenu.

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