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Create database user

The final step in setting up the database is to create a user (db_owner) that EBA DMS system will use to log on and write into the database.

The instructions are written for the PostgreSQL database. For other database types consult your IT adminstrator or corresponding documentation.

The pgAdmin tool is used to create the user, which is automatically installed when the PostgreSQL database is installed. You can run PgAdmin from the [Start] menu on the server where you installed the PostgreSQL database, or on your computer if you have installed pgAdmin and configured the database server to access it.

  1. Open pgAdmin and select desired server. Right-click on Login Roles, and then New Login Role…
Picture 1: Adding new login role for PostgresSQL database

2. In the first tab under Role name select your username:

Picture 2: Setting up role name

3. In Definition tab define password:

Picture 3: Setting up password

4. Allow creating new databases in tab Role privilieges:

Picture 4: Select role privileges.

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