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Plugins And Scripts

In developing the EBA DMS, we have focused extensively on integration with other software systems. We are aware that the greatest strength of a document system is when it can be easily integrated with other systems (e.g. ERP).

We have developed powerful and easy-to-use plug-ins, and the large number of supported systems shows that we are on the right track. We have integrated EBA DMS into many ERP systems – both local and global – SAP, Navision and AX.

Installing plugins and scripts

Import scripting projects and plugins to integrate EBA with e.g. business information systems in Administration > Script Manager.

Figure 1: Script Manager menu

You will be taken to a window with two sections, Projects and Plugins:

Figure 2: Script Management

Use the Import button to add a new project or plugin. Locate the corresponding file in .zip format and click Open.

The project may or may not be signed with a certificate. In this case, the software will warn you about this. Click OK to import.

Figure 3: Importing an unsigned project

After importing, the plugin must be activated. Select the desired plugin and click on the Activate button.

Figure 4: Activating a scripted project

You need to assign permissions to users to use the project:

Figure 5: Editing the project authorisations

Follow the same procedure to deactivate and delete plugins.

When updating scripts, there is no need to remove them, as the system automatically replaces them when you import a new version.

IMPORTANT: After importing and activating a plugin, close the EBA DMS client and restart it. This will refresh the system configuration.


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