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Qualified certificates

Before you start using the EBA DMS document system in production, you must obtain qualified digital certificates from an authorized certificate issuer.

You need certificates to work with the EBA DMS document system due to the legal formal validity of e-documents.

It is important that they are issued to a legal entity and not to a natural person, and we recommend that they are taken as software and not on a smart card. All certificates must be online.

You need a total of three (and more optional) certificates for employees who will sign the exit documents themselves (eg your outgoing invoices):

For Employees-Supreme System Manager:
you need a qualified Employee Certificate; the digital certificate is intended for the personal use of the employee, for which it is necessary to use a qualified certificate for employees. It should be subscribed to a user who will be the administrator of the EBA DMS system in your company.

Scanner and Signning:
you need a qualified e-stamp certificate; for both purposes, the certificate is intended to ensure the origin and integrity of the data or (scanned) documents. It only allows you to sign documents, not login and encrypt.

System user:
you need a Certificate for Information Systems; it also allows login and encryption.

For digital signing of e-invoices, the signer must be a specific person (certificate for employees).

If you have multiple companies, then you need to obtain the certificates listed above for all companies except the system user. The system user certificate should be issued to the company that will perform the first registration of the company.


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