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Company Registration and First Login

If you want to have several companies in the EBA DMS in separate databases, you will need to repeat the procedure described above for each company separately.

Summary of the procedure:

  • Registering a company with the EBA Agency
  • First registration of a company in the EBA Agency

Registering a company with the EBA

The registration is subject to the condition that you have already obtained qualified digital certificates or you have test certificates issued by EBA Ltd.

Before you can start using the EBA DMS, you must first register your company with the EBA Agency. The registration should be done by a person in the company who has permissions to sign the application for your organisation to join the EBA Agency.

The certificate of the person who will carry out the registration must also be installed on the computer where you will carry out the registration. The person who will carry out the registration in the EBA DMS system will be given the status of user Supreme Administrator.

In case you have already registered a company and now want to add another company, you have to add a new database if the company uses its own database. Setting up multiple databases is only necessary when your company does business for multiple companies. If there are multiple companies using the same EBA database, adding a database is not necessary as we use “Multi-Company” setup.

Click on the EBA icon on your desktop and in the login window click on the “Register a company” link

Figure 1: Company registration

The company registration form appears. You need to import the Supreme Manager certificate from the folder where you saved the certificate

If you are unable to import the certificate and receive an import error, please update the database

Once you have selected the appropriate certificate, the software will ask you to set a password for that certificate.
Please keep the password in a safe place, as without it you will need to obtain a new certificate.

Once the import is complete, select the certificate from the drop-down list above the application in the part of the window that says Selected certificate to sign the company registration application with. If the certificate is not listed, click on the “Refresh certificate list” button

The program will also show you how long each certificate is valid. Invalid or expired certificates are coloured red.

Figure 2: List of certificates

Please fill in all the required information in the application correctly, these are marked with an asterisk*.

It is important that you enter the correct email address as this is where the EBA will inform you about various things

Once you have completed the application correctly, please sign it electronically. You cannot sign the application if you have not filled in all the required fields and ticked the I accept the General Terms and Conditions box under the General Terms and Conditions.

Sign the application by clicking the Sign button . The system will ask you for the password you specified when importing the certificate. You only need to send the signed application by pressing the Sendbutton .

The Agency will check the correctness of the information on the received application and then approve it. This usually takes 10-20 minutes. Once the application has been successfully approved, you will receive an email notification that the application has been successfully approved. The next step is the first application.

The first login to the EBA DMS system

The first login means that you will set up and initialise the EBA system in your company. When you first login, a wizard will guide you through the initialisation of the EBA system for your company.

The first login must be carried out by the same person who registered the company with the EBA. To start the first login, click First Login on the initial screen mask of the application.

IMPORTANT: You cannot make your first login until the company registration application has been approved by the EBA. If you have registered your company and are waiting for more than a couple of hours for confirmation, please let us know by email.

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