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User Management

Users are managed in the Administration>Authorisation System>Users tab.

In the box we see the list of users in the table, together with some information:

Name – User’s name
Username – User’s username for logging in to the system
Certificate valid to – User’s certificate expiry date
User is being replaced – In case of a replacement, the name of the user being replaced is displayed
Email – User’s email address
Facsimile – Whether the user has a facsimile set
External id – User’s external ID (optional)
Billed – Which company the user is billed to
Access from external network – Whether the user is allowed to access the system from an external network

Figure 1: List of users

Right-clicking on a user brings up a menu where you can edit additional options about the user:

Add – add a new user
Change data – change the user’s details (role, email, certificate, etc.)
Remove – remove the user from the system

Block*– block the user from accessing the system (*the user remains in the user quota)
Activate – activate the user

Enable access from external network – allow the user to access the system from external networks
Disable access from external network – disable the user from accessing the system from external networks

Replacement – set who replaces the selected user
Edit user facsimile – set the facsimile for the selected user

Assign to a workplace – assign the selected user to a workplace

Add system user – adds a system user
Import from file – imports users from an xml file

Change password – changes the password for the selected user
Request password change at login – user must change his password after login
Disable rembember password – disable password memorization for the user
Enable remember password – enable password memorization for the user

Regenerate login names – a script can be used to set login names (e.g. instead of first name and first letter of last name to name.lastname)

Expand All – expand all entries
Collapse All – collapse all entries

Figure 2: User edit menu

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