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Qualified certificates – Croatia

The guidance below is intended as a recommendation and not as a strict guideline; if you are unsure which certificates you need, please consult the relevant local certification body.

You need certificates to work with the EBA DMS document system in order for e-documents to be legally valid

It is important that they are issued in the name of a legal and not a natural person, and all certificates must be online.

You need a total of three certificates + (optional) for employees who will sign the output documents themselves (e.g. your output invoices):

  • For Supreme Administrator:
    you need a Qualified Employee Certificate;
    the digital certificate is for the employee’s personal use, for which you need to use a Qualified Employee Certificate. It should be made out to the user who will be the administrator of the EBA system in your company
  • Scanninh and signing:
    you need a qualified Certificate for e-stamping; for both purposes the certificate is intended to ensure the origin and integrity of the data or documents. It only allows the signing of documents, not the logging and encryption
  • System user:
    requires an Information Systems Certificate; also allows logging and encryption.
  • OPTIONAL: For digital signing of e-invoices, the signatory can be a specific or defined person (certificate for employees) or the certificate can be in a generic name with a name e.g. “Signatory e-invoices “.

If you have several companies, then you need to obtain the above certificates for all companies except the system user. The certificate for the system user should read the company that will perform the first company registration.

Links to the necessary requirements for obtaining FINA digital certificates:

  1. Supreme Administrator (Business Soft Certificate)
  2. Scanning (Soft certificate for electronic seal)
  3. System User (IT Equipment Certificates – Application Certificates)

Please take care when filling in the forms:

It usually takes up to a maximum of one week to obtain them. You will receive one part of the collection code by email and the other part by regular mail

Once you have obtained the certificates, please save them in a special folder for later import into the EBA DMS.

The above applies to the production environment, but EBA provides test certificates during the process of implementing EBE in your company

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