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SQL Queue Service

The service takes care of the numbering and updating of documents. Without a connection to this service, the EBA DMS client will not display the number of documents per folder, the number of new documents, etc.

The EBA DMS client makes requests to this service and the service performs the count and reports the status back to the client. By default, the client sends requests to the service every 10 seconds and the service performs counts every 10 seconds and reports the results back to the client. Thus, by default, in the worst case it can take up to 20 seconds for the number of unread documents in a folder to refresh.

This interval can be changed using the EBA_FOLDER_COUNT_INTERVAL environment variable, both in the client and in the SQL Queue Service.

If necessary, shorter or longer intervals can be set with this environment variable, in the client, in the CC, or in both (the times are cumulative). Note: the value is in milliseconds. For 20 seconds, enter the value of this variable: 20000. The default interval is 10 seconds (10,000 milliseconds).

If you find that the counting does not match, you can delete the table with the command:

truncate table eba_document_counts

The table will be rebuilt with the new data.

For further optimizations, the following environment variables can be used:

EBA_FOLDER_TOTAL_COUNTS=disabled – disables the counting of total documents across all folders (total summary when you click each document direction)

EBA_FOLDER_ARCHIVE_COUNTS=disabled – disables the counting of documents by archive folders, or by documents in storage.

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