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Settings Service

Using the settings service, you can access the EBA DMS Control Centre to configure EBA application services.

The EBA Settings service and the EBA DMS Control Center are connected to each other via a secure web server (wss://), the default port is 6999. The settings for the connection between them are edited by starting the EBA DMS Control Center and selecting the File>Connections menu. Here you define the port and hostname of the server you want to connect to. If we are working locally on the server, we can use localhost as the hostname.

Figure 1: Connection settings for the settings service

In this step, we can set up multiple connections to different application services if we want to access several different application services from one place.

Once we have configured a wss connection with the appropriate ports, we can log in to the EBA DMS Control Center. Users who have the role of administrator or supreme administrator in EBA DMS can log in to EBA DMS CC.

If we have not yet set up a service connection to the database, a pop-up window will appear where we enter the parameters to connect to the database.

Note: In order to apply changes to the EBA Control Centre, it must be running with administrator rights in Windows. The same applies to the EBA System Tray.

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