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Installing EBA Application Services

Video: Installing EBA Application Services

Double-click the EBA Application Services installer to open the installation wizard.

Choose a language, there are Slovenian, English, Croatian and German languages available.

Selection of components to install

Dependencies –
EBA Control Center – Control center for setting-up services.
EBA Services – EBA DMS application services.

If you are installing application services for the first time, then select all options. If you only want to install a control center, then check only this option. You can also install services only, depending on your needs.

Service name, installation path, home folder

Specify a service name, we practice the TEST name for test environments and PROD for production systems. You can optionally add a company name, EBA DMS version, …

Specify the path to the installation location and service directory.

Configuration for automatic startup of services

It is important that we prioritize startup of services. Settings service must be started before other services, otherwise the system will not work because there will be no connection to the database.

We will make this setting in Services.Pojdite na start meni, vtipkajte “services” in pritisnite enter.

  1. Go to the start menu, type “services” and press enter.
  2. Find EBA application services from the list.
  3. Double-click on the one service you need, except Settings service.
  4. For startup type, select Automatic (Delayed start). Leave the settings service to Automatic.
Video 2: Setting up automatic services

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