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Users can add facsimiles when initialling or signing a document. A facsimile is an image of a handwritten signature. To be fully valid, the document must be signed with a qualified digital certificate.

Editing and adding facsimiles for users

Facsimiles are edited for each user individually in the Administration>Authorisation Schema>Users menu. Right-click on a user to bring up the menu and select “edit user facsimile”:

Figure 1: Editing a facsimile for a user

In the new window, set the document type for which you want to assign the facsimile option to the user and then select the signature image.

The facsimile image should be transparent (.png format) with a recommended size of 250x100px.

After editing the facsimile, the program must be restarted.

Figure 2: Setting up the facsimile for the user

Adding a facsimile to a document

On an open document, select the “Sign” (or Initial if you have set facsimile to initial) action. An image of the signature will appear on the screen, right-click on the image to bring up a menu with additional options

Only on the first page of the document – the signature will only appear on the first page of the document
On the back of the document only
– the signature will only be on the last page of the document
On current page – you decide which page the signature will be on. Drag the signature to the desired page.
Show signature clause –
display the signature clause next to the facsimile Yes/NoRemove – remove the facsimile

Figure 3: Additional facsimile options.

If you have more than one signature image set – e.g. initials only and then the full signature, all the images will be displayed on the left side of the window. Double-click to select the image you want to use as a facsimile.

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