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FTS module

MS SQL Server FTS is one of the modules on Microsoft SQL Server that specializes in indexing and querying unstructured text data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Before we can perform a full-text query over full-text data, the data must first be indexed by a process that performs full-text indexing.

The following procedure enables FTS on the EBA DMS database:

  1. First, install the FTS module on the server
  2. Run the queries below:

First, the administrator must set up a FTS Module at the base. Once set up, queries are performed one by one.

exec sp_fulltext_database 'enable'
create unique index eba_fts_texts_idx on eba_fts (id)
create unique index eba_fts_a_texts_idx on eba_fts_a (id)
create unique index eba_abfts_idx on eba_addressbook_fts (id)
create unique index eba_abfts_script_idx on eba_addressbook_script_fts (id)
create fulltext index on eba_fts (texts) key index eba_fts_texts_idx on ftsEBA
create fulltext index on eba_fts_a (texts) key index eba_fts_a_texts_idx on ftsEBA
create fulltext index on eba_addressbook_fts (texts, extern_id) key index eba_abfts_idx on ftsEBA
create fulltext index on eba_addressbook_script_fts (texts) key index eba_abfts_script_idx on ftsEBA

To test the functionality perform following queries:

select id from eba_fts where contains( texts, '"pogo*"' )
select id, texts from eba_fts where contains( texts, 'k%' )

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