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Firewall Service

The firewall service is used to connect to application services and the EBA DMS database – useful mainly for external access to the system, either for employees or for customers or partners.

The firewall service replaces the connection to the database and application services, which are otherwise separated, so all traffic goes through one channel.

A separate password is generated for the connection via the firewall service and the defined port must be opened for external access. With the new data, we set a new connection type to the database, where under the database type we select EBA Firewall.

Instructions for connecting the EBA DMS client to the database.

When you change the settings, you need to restart the Firewall service.

Figure 1: Example of EBA FW connection


Tab with all settings for connection via EBA FW service.

Figure 2: EBA FW Connections Setup


In the Filters tab we set filters to restrict access to the EBA FW.

This step is mandatory even if you do not want to restrict access to IP addresses. Follow the steps below to add the filter:

  1. Add a new filter in the field above and name it as you wish. To add values, double-click in each field.
  2. In the IP mask field, enter the IP range value in the format x.x.x.x/x. If you do not want to restrict access to an IP range, enter
  3. In the field below “Connection name”, select the name of the EBA FW connection that you have specified in the Connections tab.
  4. Under “Database name”, enter the name of the data connection.
Figure 3: Setting the connection filters.

Activity Monitor

Monitors all the activity of this service – from harvesting to processing.

Service Logs

All activities related to the Web service itself are monitored here. If the service is unresponsive or “crashes”, then it will be logged in these logs.

Messaging & Logging

Each service has a list of possible errors with a defined priority, and for each of these you can set the system to send you a notification if an error occurs.

In the Logging section you can configure where the logs are logged and for how many days they are kept.

You can also set the logging level, the default level is Debug.

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