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Document Exchange

For the exchange of electronic documents with partners, you can choose between several protocols that are already built into the EBA DMS as plug-ins.

EBA DMS also allows integration with email, i.e. receiving and sending documents via email.

To enable document exchange you must be subscribed to EBA Exchange licence.

Protocols for receiving documents

  • IMAP Email Exchange
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Other custom plugins (FINA, bizbox, etc.)

Document sending protocols

  • SMTP Email Exhange
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Other custom plugins (FINA, bizbox, etc.)
  • Print

When you and your partner agree to exchange e-documents, you need the following to start the exchange:

▪ specify protocol which you will use when sending and receiving e-documents.

▪ For each protocol you need to create the sending and receiving rules for electronic documents.

All documents received via exchange protocols arrive in the scanner room as if you had scanned them.

You can set the documents to wait for you in the scanning room or to be automatically forwarded to the user.

You make the settings in Administration > Exchange.

General recommendations:

If possible, agree with the sender of the document how and what to send. We recommend that you only accept electronic documents (not scanned documents). We also recommend that you agree with the sender on the content of these messages – whether they will contain an .xml file, attachments, text, etc.

Documents received via the exchange protocols cannot be altered in the scanner room. The administrator can only delete the whole packet.


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