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Designing supporting document

Figure 1: Supporting document field properties

Supporting document field properties description

is a unique field name. It may consist of letters and numbers, but must start with a letter.

It shall not contain spaces or special characters (e.g. hyphens, punctuation).

It shall be recorded in the database as a column name and shall not be visible to the user. Fields on the cover sheet must not have the id ‘ID’.

It is intended for integration, the back-end program reaches the value of this field in the cover sheet for the document it is processing via the Id.

Example: for Invoice reception date we can use: INV_REC_DATE

Is name of the field visible to users in application.

You can translate each caption to desired language. Click on 3 dots on the right to translate caption to any language in the system.

Data type
With field’s data type we set field’s dataset. We select data type from drop-down menu. In case we want to use just caption leave this field empty.
Depending on the selected data type, the set of properties also changes.

Caption font
Define font properties for field’s caption.

Value font
Define font properties for field’s value.

Font color
Select font color.

Read only
Field is read-only and it can not be modified by user. This property is commonly used on data that is obtained automatically.

Set value for content. Vertical means value is under caption, horizontal value is beside caption.

Caption width
Set caption width. Value is set in pixels.

Data width
Set data width. Value is set in pixels.

Set if field is visible. Useful for defining extra terms for rules on documents or for integrations. Filed is not visible for users but the system considers it.

Set to include field in search results. Default setting is no.

Limited editing
Enable to limit filed value editing enabled only to supervisor and/or document author.

Dependent from fields
Set field dependency.

Default value
Set field’s default value.

Set database to connect to. Available for fields with database option.

Database connection
Binds supporting document field with data on document. Select data from list.

Set shortcut for field. It can be used to calculate values later on supporting document.

ID for connection type

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