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The EBA DMS system with its application services allows you to send notifications to alert users on a specific action, e.g. when user receives a document into his office.

This allows us to gain easy control over received documents and documents waiting to be processed.

The messages that will be sent have a preset content in the subject and body of the message, but you can format it yourself in different languages.

Notification is set up and edited in the menu Administration> Messaging.

Actions that trigger notifications:

  • Forwarded – the user received the document in his office,
  • Access granted – the user has been granted access to the document,
  • Classified – the document has been classified in a classification whose administrator is the user,
  • Forwarded batch – a package from the scanner room was forwarded to user
  • Received batch – the user has received a package from the scanner room

Prerequisites for sending notifications

Messenger Service

The service must be started and all clients must have access to the server where the service is started. Also check if the port on the firewall is open, the default port for Messenger service is 8078. You can set the port number in the Control Center.

SMTP server

To send e-mail via the messenger service, you need an SMTP server, which must be configured accordingly. You can use your own solution, but you can also use a solution from a provider – e.g. Office365.

Due to the principle of sending – SMTP relay – it is necessary to arrange that the set e-mail address has the right to send mail on behalf of the e-mail address that the user has entered in the settings.

Entered e-mail addresses for users in EBA DMS

If a user wants to send e-mail through the system, he must have an e-mail address entered.

Email addresses for users can be entered and changed by the administrator in the menu Administration> Authorization System> Users.

Notification settings

A detailed description is on the next page.


We’ve built notifications into the program to see if notifications and / or email sending is enabled:

Picture 1: Disabled notification when forwading document to user.

In this case, it is necessary to review all points from the topic Prerequisites for sending notifications.

Example of enabled sending of a document by e-mail mail:

Picture 2: Possibility to send e-mails from the program


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