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Moj e-Račun plugin


To send documents over Moj eRačun Exchange we need to download Moj eRačun Exchange plugin from our website. To add this plugin you need at least Administrator rights in EBA DMS Client.

Administration→ Script manager→ Plugin

SelectImportand find mojeracunexchangeplugin_X.X.XX.zipfile. When plugin is imported do not forget to activate it by selecting the plugin and clicking on Activate. Save the changes by clicking OKand restarting EBA DMS Client.

Now we navigateto Administration→ Exchange→ Protocolsand select Moj – eRačun Exchange. Here we can setup Reception settingsand Sendingsettings. To setup an account click into empty checkbox in frontof a companies headquarters. 

Importand Exportare used to import or export current settings for backup or to transfer them to other EBA DMS environment.


InsertService URL,User id,Password,Tax number(Oib) and Regex(optional). This information is supplied from Moj eRačun and not from EBA company. 

* Regexis used for Regural Expression to find the right file that sets document presentation from PDF. This is used when there is more than one PDF file in the batch.

Receive only send statuses – This means EBA will not import invoices from portal Moj eRačun but statuses (sent,received) will be updated. This is used when you want to manually handle invoices.

Append attachments– This will append other attachments which are sent with main PDF document (delivery note, invoice specification, order etc.). 

Append attachment as .xml– This attaches the XML file in UBL 2.1 format which was used to transfer data. This is useful to check if any file is missing.

When all is configured before saving we can Test connectionto check if everything is properly set.

To finish setting up Moj – eRačun Exchange protocol click OK.


InsertService URL,User id,Password,Tax number(Oib) and Invoice schema.

Invoice schema– Here we select Moj – eRačun Exchange catalog which iscatalog_invoice_UBL_2.1_CRO.xml_CatalogV”XX”. “XX” means we select the version of which we are currently using when sending invoices. Catalog version are updated when specifications change. If you are a new costumer always use the latest one.


Once this is set, we have two options:

1. We create rules for sending in Administration→ Exchange→ Sending Ruleswhere we create rule for every recipientand after that we create rule to put document in outbox. Administration→ Document rules→ On documentand click Add.

2. Option is to set Protocolon document on ERP system before it is sent to EBA DMS environment if that ERP system supports Protocol settings.

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