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Firewall Setup

Rules allow traffic between your computer, programs, system services and users. A new rule must be created in the firewall settings.

The instructions below serve as an example for setting up a firewall on an MS Windows system.

Together with your company’s IT administrator, check if you have any additional firewall and/or antivirus software on your network that needs configuration.

From the strat menu, type and open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security or select Control Panel > System & Security > Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall can also be accessed by using the Run combination (start key + r), typing WF.msc

Figure 1: Adding a new rule in Windows Firewall
  1. Add a new rule in the firewall by clicking on New Rule…
  2. Select Port as the rule type:
Figure 2: Firewall Rule Type

3. Define which port, or allow traffic through all ports:

Figure 3: Selecting a port

Default EBA Application Service Port:

WS service: 9876
Worker service: 8079
Messenger service: 8078
Scheduler service: 8072
SQL Queue service: 8068
Mobile service: 8081 (HTTP)

4. In the next step, we choose whether or not to allow traffic through this port:

Figure 4: Allowing traffic on a specific port

5. We select on which networks the rule applies:

Figure 5: Selecting the networks for the rule

6. Name the rule and finish the configuration.

Figure 6: Naming the firewall rule

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