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Organisation schema

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In the Organisation Schema section, you start by creating the organisation structure, creating the users and defining rights to work with documents.

The figure below shows an example of two companies (a so-called multicompany setup), each with its own business unit – the head office, which in turn has workplaces (manager, sales, accounting,…) and users in the workplaces.

Figure 1: Organisation Schema

Organisation units

The Organsiation Unit has a special meaning in the EBA DMS, as it allows sending and receiving documents directly addressed to the Organisation Unit.

You can add a organisation unit by selecting the company and right-clicking the “Add organisation unit” action.

Alternatively, you can select the company and use the grey buttons at the bottom of the window.

Both adding options also apply to the creation of departments, workplaces, users and user codes. If an action is not allowed, it is greyed out.

Figure 2: Adding an Organisation unit

The window for entering the organisation unit data opens. Only the Name of the organisation unit is mandatory, entering other data is optional.


You can only assign a department to a organisation unit, departments are not mandatory in the organisational structure itself.

To add a department, select the business unit where you want to assign the department and right-click on the Add department action:

Figure 3: Adding a department

Each business unit can have several departments and departments can have several child departments. To add a child department, position yourself on the parent department and right-click to bring up the menu and use the Add Department action again.


In the EBA DMS, authorisations are defined in the worplace that define which actions can be performed on the document by individual users.

A workplace can be assigned to a business unit or a department.

This is done by positioning yourself on the organisation unit or department, right-clicking to bring up the menu and selecting the “Add workplace” action:

Figure 4: Adding a workplace

A window opens in which you enter the name of the workplace (red highlited).
If you have not yet selected the document types you will use in the EBA DMS, then the Rights section of the document types dialogue is empty.

Link: Instructions for specifying document types.

You can still enter the name of the workplace, you can add the rights on the document types later.

Figure 5: Naming a workplace and defining rights to work with documents

If you have already defined document types, these are already visible in the dialog as figured above.

You can define them in this step or change them at any time.

Assign rights for document types and document direction and allowed actions on the document.

Be aware that you can set special permissions for each document type and direction. Press on right arrow before document direction to reveal additional options:

Figure 6: Extra permissions on a documents

Link: Defining rights to work with documents

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