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Uninstalling services


If you want to remove application services from a server – for example, to remove a test instance of a system or an older version, you do this via the command prompt:

Open the Services tool (services.msc) and locate the individual services. For each one, copy the path to executable into a notepad:

Figure 1: Copying the path to executable

Once you have copied all the paths in the notepad, add the -u and && commands at the end of each line so that all the lines are run in sequence:

"C:\Program Files\EBAAutomation_test\bin\ebaexchangeservice.exe" -name "EBA Exchange Service - test" -home test -u && 
"C:\Program Files\EBAAutomation_test\bin\ebafirewallservice.exe" -name "EBA Firewall Service - test" -home test -u

Run CMD as adminsitrator and copy the contents of the note and press enter:

Figure 2: EBA services removed.

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