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EBA Printer


An EBA printer is a software virtual printer that is visible on a computer like any other printer. An EBA printer allows a document not to have to be printed and then scanned in order to be transferred to the EBA DMS system. The EBA printer redirects the printed document directly to the EBA DMS, where an e-document is created and treated and processed like any other document

The EBA printer can also be used for quick and easy integration with EPR systems such as Pantheon, SAP and many others.

The files that we want to process further in the EBA DMS can be easily printed using the EBA printer, which will import these documents in .PDF format with the associated .XML file. The imported file is opened in a new window and the document is processed in the same way as if it had been imported via a scanner.

Video demonstration of the EBA printer

The EBA printer can be downloaded via the links below:

EBA Printer 64bit

EBA Printer 32bit

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