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Messenger service

It manages notifications, pop-ups within the EBA DMS client and system email notifications, and is also useful for sending documents by email (option in the EBA DMS client – File>Send by email)

Multiple notifications are merged into a single message so that users do not receive a whole mountain of messages for each notification individually.

Messages are stored locally on the server where the EBA application services are installed and are kept in .xml format before being sent to the recipients.

System and all other notifications are also sent via this service.

To ensure all this functionality, the EBA messenger service must be connected to your mail (SMTP) server.
Settings for the SMTP server are entered via the EBA DMS client, in the Administration>Messaging menu:

Setting up notifications

General settings

  • Port: The default port is 8078. Please note if this port is already busy or if you have multiple instances of EBA Application Services installed. In this case each instance must have its own port.
  • Server name or address: the IP address or name of the server running the EBA application services.


  • Messages folder: set where we want to store the messages (xml format). By default, the path selected at installation is set.

Service Logs

This is where all activities related to the service itself are monitored. If the service is unresponsive or “crashes”, then it will be logged in these logs.

Messaging and Log setting

Each service has a list of possible errors with a defined priority, and for each of these you can set the system to send you a notification if an error occurs.

In the Logging section you can configure where the logs are logged and for how many days they are kept.

You can also set the logging level, the default level is Debug.

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