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The time stamping setting consists of three parts.

The first part is in Administration -> Script Projects, where the x509timestampplugin plugin is among the plugins.
The plugin is system specific and does not need to be installed, it is necessary to check if it is enabled.

Figure 1: Timestamping plugin
Activate the plugin and assign the user’s email address to receive emails in case of error.

The second part of the setting is in Administration -> Signing -> Time Stamp.

Click on the interface from the list above, then click on the “Add” button on the bottom left and name the email timestamp.

Figure 2: Entering a name for the settings
On the right hand side, enter your details:

Timestamp server URL
SSL certificate – if you do not already have a certificate in the EBA DMS system, you need to import it into the certificate store beforehand.

Figure 3: Example of timestamp settings
The third part of the setup is to set the appropriate rule that will perform the time stamping.

The rules are set in the Administration>Document Rules menu.

Create the appropriate time rule that will perform the time stamping after the specified time.

Examples of time stamping rules:

The first example is for archive documents where we want to extend the validity of a signature. The rule is configured to check the date of the last signature for all archive documents and to time stamp the corresponding documents after a certain elapsed time, and consequently extend the validity of the signature.

Mark documents:
applies to documents in archive
and contains personal data ‘Yes’
and reference date ‘Last signature certificate valid date’
and elapsed time ‘1.780 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes after (moved) reference date’
do timestamp ‘X509 Timestamp Plugin – Test Timestamp’
Another example of a rule is that the system automatically time stamps all received documents:

Timestamping service providers

Free provider:

FreeTSA: https://freetsa.org/

Providers in SLO:

SiTrust: https://www.si-trust.gov.si/sl/kvalificiran-elektronski-casovni-zig/
Halcom: https://www.halcom.com/si/halcom-ca/casovno-zigosanje/

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