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EBA Services Control Center

EBA Services Control Center – EBA Control Center is a program that configures the operation of EBA application services and other settings that can apply to all users of the system.

The program can be started via the EBA Status Monitor or directly from the application services folder, the default path to the program is C:\Program Files\EBAAutomation_XXX\bin\ebaservicesettings.exe

Figure 3: Control Center login window

Permission to log in to the Control Center is granted to the top administrator and users with administrator rights.

After a successful login, the Control Center opens. On the left side we have individual icons representing different areas of configuration, from connecting to the database, to entering environmental tracking files and configuring individual services

Connecting to the EBA DMS Control Centre

After installing the EBA DMS application services, the first step is to connect to the database.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Right-click on ebaautsystray.exe in the taskbar to bring up the menu.
  • First, launch the EBA Settings Service. This is the service for connecting the EBA Control Centre to the application services. The default port of the EBA Settings Service is 6999. If you want to change this port, do so in the ebasettingservice.ini file, which is located in the services installation folder. The default path is C:\Program Files\EBAAutomation_XXX\bin.
  • Repeat step 1, this time selecting “Control Center” from the menu. The login window shown in the picture above will open.
  • A window will open where we enter the data to connect to the EBA DMS database.
  • We can now log in to the Control Center with the administrator username from the EBA DMS system.

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