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Sending and receiving rules

Rules for receiving and sending documents are created in the menu Administration>Exchange>Rules of Reception/Sending Rules.

The principe of creating the rules are very similar for all types of protocols.

To create a rule for receiving, click the Add button. The rule wizard guides you through the process of creating a rule

First you need to select the protocol you want to send and/or receive documents

You can make the rule generic, for all partners and for all document types – in this case the documents will stay in the scanner room (or the office for outgoing documents) and will need to be manually assigned to a document type and a partner, or in the case of outgoing documents, you will need to manually enter recipient address and send these documents.

If you want to make things as automated as possible, you need to define rules with parameters for each protocol.

In a multicompany setup, you also need to select the owner of the data – the company from which the documents are sent or received.

If the rule will apply to all partners, then tick “unknown partner”. This means that the sender of the document will not be checked and will have to be manually defined in the scanner room.

In case you have several companies on one database, you need to make your own rule for each owner (recipient). Partner and owner information (for multiple companies) is mandatory, otherwise you cannot proceed with the rule creation.


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