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Authorisation System

Elements of the authorisation system in the EBA DMS:

The Authorisation System is designed to set up a system of rights for working with documents. The procedures are focused on creating/adding elements of the authorization system, as if it were being set up from scratch.
The management of changes to the organisational structure and users is described in a separate chapter, focusing on the specificities of administering the organisational structure.

Once you have built the organisational structure and set up the authorisation system, you proceed with setting up the process/workflow of documents and at the same time build the authorisation system on the workplaces.
You do not have to build the authorisation system to completion, you can return to it at any time during the implementation of the EBA DMS in your company.

The authorisation system includes

  • setting up the company’s organisational structure in the EBA DMS system,
  • building a workplace authorisation system to implement the individual stages in the document workflow,
  • creating and administering users and certificates that enable users to work in the EBA DMS system,
  • review of software licences, user licences and storage of qualified and internal certificates.

The authorization system is intended for the administrators of the EBA system in the company and is used to manage the organisational structure, users and certificates, and to manage the rights of users in workplaces

To manage authorisation, select Administration > Authorisation Schema in EBA DMS.

The authorization system is divided into several sections:

Organisation Schema
Here you set up and manage the organisation structure in EBA DMS, add users and assign them to workplaces, create internal certificates and define authorisations on jobs.

Section Users provides an overview of the users defined in the EBA DMS and the jobs to which users are assigned. In this section you also administer the user data.

Section Licences contains a list of the type of licences your company uses (indicated by ) and their number.
At the bottom of the screen is a list of requests that have been sent to the EBA. This section is only for an overview of the licences.

EBA services are divided into several software licences. The type of licence allows different functionalities of the software solution.

In each company, the implementation of the process is linked to the organisational structure and the powers within it

Each organisational unit performs a specific part of a process in the document workflow. In order to ensure the correct implementation of the document workflow, it is necessary to create the company’s organisational structure in the EBA DMS and adapt it to the document workflow and the authorisations for its implementation.

The organisational structure in an EBA DMS consists of the following organisational elements:

  • Company
  • Organisation unit
  • Department
  • Workplace
  • User

There is no limit to the number of organisation units, departments, workplaces and users.

You can assign several organisation units to a company, but it is not possible to assign a subordinate organisation unit to a organisation unit, i.e. the level structure does not allow nesting of organisation units.
However, nesting of departments is possible, which means that a department can have several subordinate departments.

Creating an organisational structure

You create and manage the company’s organisational structure in Administration > Authorisation System in the Organisation Schema section, which is used to create a visual organisational structure of the company within the EBA DMS.

Figure 1: Example of Organisation Schema

In the Organisation schema section, you create organisation units, departments, workplaces, users and authorisations to perform operations on documents.

However, as the organisational structure in a company is dynamic, it is necessary to react quickly to changes in an easy way, so you can use this section to manage organisational changes, change authorisations, classify or reassign users by job, etc., efficiently and quickly.

In case the EBA DMS is shared by several companies, this section is where you add all the companies.


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