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EBA DMS Application Services

Summary of the EBA Application Services Installation:

  • Download the EBA Application Services installation file
  • Installation of EBA Application Services
  • Database connection
  • Parameter setting

EBA application services are a server part of an EBA DMS system that runs as a service on a server. It is responsible for the automation of certain processes – triggering the send / receive function, import / export of data for exchange with other software solutions and time stamping.

The services also take care of EBA notifications – notification windows, sending emails, keeping track of activity on each service and keeping log files.

Application services are connected to the same base as the EBA DMS client.

Application services monitoring programs:

EBA Services Monitor

It is a program that is accessible via the system tray on Windows and is part of the EBA application services installation package.

The program allows us to turn on, turn off and monitor the status of services. It can also be used to access the Control Center.

EBA Services Control Center

A program that controls and configures the operation of application services. This program is also part of the EBA application services installation package.


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