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PostgresSQL basic configuration

If you will use the EBA DMS system on the same machine as the database, no additional configuration is required.

If you are going to use the EBA DMS system on a computer other than the database or on multiple computers (LAN), you must perform the following basic configuration to allow access to the database from specific network addresses.

Locate pg_hba.conf configuration file. As default it is stored in data folder of PostgresSQL installation.

Picture 1: Default location of pg_hba.conf

2. At the end of the file edit section ‘IPv4 local connections

In our case we added following line to allow connections from IP addresses in range 192.168.0.x:
host     all     all      md5

Picture 2: Editing pg_hba.conf file

Save the file, then you must reload configuration. Click on the [Start] menu, select [All programs] and navigate to the PostgreSQL folder and select [Reload configuration]. Run the script as an administrator.
Press ENTER and the script will refresh the configuration.

Picture 3: Reload coniguration script

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