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Deleting Users

If we want to delete a user, we need to keep a few things in mind – the user must not have any unprocessed documents in the office and the user’s actions (traces) will remain on the documents.

To remove a user, find the user in the organisation schema or in the list of users and right-click on the user to bring up the menu and select the Remove action or the Remove user action:

Figure 1: Removing a user

A window appears asking if we want to remove the user, we confirm with Yes.

If the user has unprocessed documents in the office, the system will warn us. In this case, there are two solutions: either the user processes the documents or the administrator passes them on to another user.

Figure 2: We cannot delete a user because he has documents.

Once we have transferred the documents from the user, we repeat the deletion procedure.

The number of users is an integral part of the monthly fee for the EBA DMS, so we suggest that you regularly maintain the actual number of users to avoid unnecessary costs.

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