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The following points can help you troubleshoot system problems.


  • Check if application server is online
  • Check if there were any changes on LAN – eg. SSL Firewall activated, TCP/UDP firewall, change of network equipment (router etc.)
  • Check if EBA Applicaton Services are up and running
  • Check if EBA Settings has started before other EBA services
  • Check if SQL Server is online
  • Check if database has enough free space available
  • Check if there is vaild port set on db connection
  • Check if there are changes on SQL User
  • Check if Qualified Certificates are valid
  • Replace expired certificates
  • Check if INI file is local or shared
  • If shared, check if it’s reachable
  • If local, check connection details
  • In case of changes (SQL user, SQL IP change) enter correct values


  • Check if Protocol has correct data entered (username, password, WS address, valid certificates etc.)
  • Check if Protocol is reachable – IMAP/SMTP server, AS2 server, FINA WS, BizBox WS etc
  • Check if you have valid Protocol address – check for Protocol error in EBA DMS
  • Check Status of Documents in EBA DMS


  • Check if you can reach extermal database
  • Checl if there were any changes on networ – changed IP, migration of server, check ports on FW, check if external db is connected via EBA FW
  • Check if view exists in corresponding database
  • Check if subject name has changed in Pantheon
  • Check Pantheon DB connection
  • Check object with ComSpy Developer Tool


  • Check if messenger service is up and running
  • Check if user has e-mail address entered
  • Check if SMTP server is reachable and properly configured – use messenger service log file for help
  • Check if Time Rule is correctly set
  • Check if there is task set on Scheduler Service
  • Check log file for messenger service, search terms such as: 

    EBAServiceBase::getSmtpSettings: next  “SmtpServer” = “server address” – which SMPT service is set
    sendnotificationmessages – command to send notifications
    MessagingProcessor::sendQueuedMail(): count 1 – checks number of queued mails
    Smtp::setStatus():  5 – sent mail status (successfully)
    Sent: from – displays sent from mail address.
    Not send – Mail was not send followed by SMTP server’s response.
    MessagingProcessor::smtpStatus(): MessageSent – Message sending completed.

  • Check SMTP server – were there any changes – IP, password etc. If settings where change you must restart messenger service.

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